Looking for soft creamy shades?

Tender recollections and a desire for perfect imperfection. With KREUL Chalky chalk paint, new items become old and old items... Old items get a fresh coat of paint and recount their own color history. The cool Nordic tones are softly matched and create a pleasing ambiance. When sanded down they allow the color tone of the primer to emerge, revealing the attraction of imperfection. Add a touch of glamor with KREUL Acrylic metallic paints to create noble items to decorate your home.

  • Soft matt chalk paint
  • Creamy cover, fast drying, lightfast
  • Water-based
  • Waterproof, weatherproof and saliva-resistant
  • For painting wood, paper, cardboard, Styrofoam, stone, dried concrete, terracotta, glass Žnot scratch-resistant“, ceramic, clay, metal, plastic, self-hardening modeling clay
  • Harmoniously coordinated color collection allows combinations of light and dark color shades for a typical vintage-chic effect
  • For decorative creative work and ideal as a primer for Foto Transfer Potch and decoupage
  • Can be applied using a brush or paint roller and for techniques such as stenciling and crackle effects

KREUL Chalky chalk paint 150 ml

ArtNo. 753xx
color chart
Volume 150 ml plastic jar

KREUL Chalky chalk paint 500 ml

ArtNo. 751xx
color chart
Volume 500 ml plastic bottle

KREUL Chalky chalk paint Basic Set

ArtNo. 75305
Contents 4 x 150 ml each (Snow White, Mademoiselle Rosé, Sir Petrol, Noble Nougat)

KREUL is the first German artists’ paint factory and produces with the seal of quality “Made in Germany”. In the year 2017 the owner managed family company looks back with pride on 179 years of tradition, innovation and quality. With its extensive line of merchandise KREUL accompanies artists, children and creative folks on their way through the fascinating world of colors.

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