Antique effects with decoupage and crackle technique

Cut or tear out the design from the BRICO decoupage sheet (Still life orchid, B8071). Wet the backside a little bit, thus the paper can be placed on the item more easily. Apply ART POTCH Decoupage glue & lacquer to the back of the decoupage paper and put it on the chosen item. Particularly suitable: broad brushes (e.g. Hobby Line Basic Brush flat Art.-No. 722000, 723018 or 4924).

For a perfect gloss the motif should afterwards be varnished with ART POTCH Decoupage glue & lacquer glossy or silk matt. Let dry. Finished! Clean your equipment with water after use.


  • Background should be clean and grease-free.
  • If the underground is too dark you should prime it first, e.g. Hobby Line Acrylic Matt Colors. Use a paint that matches the BRICO decoupage paper.
  • Complete overvarnishing of completed showpieces by ART POTCH Decou-page glue & lacquer will make them perfectly shining as well as water-resistant and weatherproof.

Marvellous antique effects originate in crackle varnish technique. We recommend the SOLO GOYA Crackle Set including 2 tubes Artist’s Oil (Art.-No. 79430).

Step 1
Position BRICO Decoupage Paper using Decoupage Adhesive & Varnish as explained.

Step 2
After drying of varnish, apply basic varnish uniformly using a soft brush. Leave to dry (approx. 1.5 to 2.5 hours, depending on temperature and humidity). Short drying time brings a small quantity of large crackles, extended drying period many small crackles. Wash brush out with brush cleaner or a similar suitable cleaner, thereafter wash with soap.

Step 3
Apply crackle medium uniformly with a soft brush. Clean brush as well with brush cleaner or similar cleaner, thereafter washes with soap.

Step 4
Now fill crackles with paint. Best suitable: oils or pasty colors since these colors can be rubbed into hollows without problems. Using a soft and non-fluffing cloth or your fingers (most useful: disposable gloves) spread color so that color only remains in cracks. The picture area should be light again; otherwise threads might show along the crackles subsequently. Leave center layer of crackling to dry for two days.

Step 5

Dissolve center layer of crackling with a soft brush under moderately flowing water, leaving color a little raised. Work with care to eliminate damage to color bars. Thereafter leave to dry for one day.
Advice: Make a test in advance using an object, since this procedure asks for some sensitiveness. As chosen: the center layer of crackling can be left for a special effect. Then the object will show a high gloss surface.

Step 6
If desired: protective varnishing can be obtained by carefully applying basic varnish.

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