SOLO GOYA Artists' Brushes Large Brushes

High quality large brush for universal use with gold colored finest synthetic fibres.
Short natural lacquered handles. Excellent for varnishing and priming. For stripeless
painting of artists’ acrylic colors. With header for hanging.

SOLO GOYA Artists' Brushes Large Brushes

For SOLO GOYA Art Acryl Premium pastos, SOLO GOYA Acrylic, KREUL el Greco Acrylic, SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic, SOLO GOYA Triton S Acrylic, KREUL el Greco Water Colors and SOLO GOYA Tempera Gouache

Size Width ArtNo. 202301
Size: 1
Width: 26 mm
ArtNo. 202302
Size: 1,5
Width: 37 mm
ArtNo. 202303
Size: 2
Width: 51 mm
ArtNo. 202304
Size: 2,5
Width: 62 mm

KREUL is the first German artists’ paint factory and produces with the seal of quality “Made in Germany”. In the year 2017 the owner managed family company looks back with pride on 179 years of tradition, innovation and quality. With its extensive line of merchandise KREUL accompanies artists, children and creative folks on their way through the fascinating world of colors.

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