KREUL Javana Batik Textile Dye

Knot, fold and dunk - batik effects add a unique touch to pillows, bags and
T-shirts. The dye slowly penetrates the fibers of the fabric to create a captivating spectacle of color. We hope that you’ll find working with these vibrant dyes as enjoyable as we do. Follow the useful hints and tips below to make using our Batik
textile dye even more fun!

  • KREUL Javana Batik textile dye for dyeing and batiking cotton, viscose, linen, half linen, silk, wool and polyamide
  • Dyes fabrics from 50 °C to 95 °C – with hot water in a bucket or in a pot on the stove
  • If the entire 70 g bottle of dye is used: Strong, intense shade for 200 g fabric; a medium depth of shade for 400 g fabric (see label)
  • The dye powder, which includes dye salt, comes in a practical, resealable bottle for easy dispensing, mixing and storage
  • Perfect for shibori techniques (binding, folding or bunching the fabric), batiking with wax and dip dyeing, the minimum temperature for dyeing is 50 ºC - perfect for batiking with wax
  • Dyed textiles are not boil-proof: Fix the dye using KREUL Javana Fixing agent for batik textile dyes (No. 98553) to improve color fastness and wash fastness
  • Wash dyed fabric separately at a maximum of 40 ºC
  • Fluorescent paint Neon light glows under black light
  • Please note: Decolor fabrics before dyeing

KREUL Javana Batik Textile Dye

ArtNo. color chart
Size 70 g color powder

KREUL Javana Fixer for Batik Textile Dye

ArtNo. 98553
Volume 20 ml jar

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