KREUL Porcelain brillant 160°C

  • Water-based Porcelain paint
  • 35 brilliant color shades in 20 ml jar
  • Can be applied as a varnish or enamel with a soft hair brush
  • After curing the painting is dishwasher safe

KREUL Porcelain brillant 160°C

ArtNo. color chart
Volume 20 ml jar

KREUL Porcelain Liner 160°C

  • Water-based, heat resistant contour paint in 20 ml tubes
  • 12 brilliant color shades
  • Apply straight from tube
  • Allow the contours to dry (min. 4 hours) before applying the color

ArtNo. color chart
Volume 20 ml tube

KREUL Porcelain brillant 160°C Creativ Set

ArtNo. 16600
Contents 6 x 20 ml jars KREUL Porcelain brillant 160°C
(Canary Yellow, Cherry Red, Lapis Blue, French Green, Cognac and Black)
1 brush

KREUL Painting Medium colorless matt

Use as varnish or to tone down Porcelain Paint. Water-based.

ArtNo. 16270
Volume 20 ml jar

KREUL Painting Medium colorless glossy

Use as glossy varnish as well as to lighten or thin Porcelain Paint. Water-based.

ArtNo. 16271
Volume 20 ml jar

KREUL Painting Medium colorless filler

Use to prime absorbent and porous surface (for example terracotta). Water-based.

ArtNo. 16272
Volume 20 ml jar

KREUL is the first German artists’ paint factory and produces with the seal of quality “Made in Germany”. In the year 2017 the owner managed family company looks back with pride on 179 years of tradition, innovation and quality. With its extensive line of merchandise KREUL accompanies artists, children and creative folks on their way through the fascinating world of colors.

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