KREUL Window Color accessories

KREUL Window Color Soft Adapter Tip

Soft Adapter Tip, ideal for covering big surfaces with KREUL Window Color. Fits onto the plastic tip of the bottles. Excellent for filling large areas

Size ArtNo. 42805
0,5 mm

ArtNo. 42807
0,7 mm

ArtNo. 42809
0,9 mm

KREUL Window Color Lantern Foil, 0.2 mm thick

Size ArtNo. 40190
52 x 20 cm
ArtNo. 40192
33 x 40 cm

KREUL Window Color Rigid Plastic Sheet, transparent, 0.4 mm thick

ArtNo. 42795
Content 1 sheet 35 x 50 cm

KREUL Window Color plastic sheets, transparent, 0.075 mm thick

Content ArtNo. 42792
3 sheets, A4
ArtNo. 42793
3 sheets, A3
ArtNo. 42794
1 sheet, self-adhesive,
35 x 50 cm

KREUL Plastic Underlays, 0.8 mm thick (not ill.)

Size ArtNo. 40196
44,5 x 30 cm
ArtNo. 40197
44,5 x 60 cm

KREUL Window Color Empty plastic bottle

for refills, 100 ml

ArtNo. 42800
Volume 100 ml

KREUL Window Color Empty plastic bottle

20 ml with metal tip, (0.9 mm)

ArtNo. 42812
Volume 20 ml

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