KREUL Javana Mohair oval

Preferably for priming.

ArtNo. 821218
Size 18

KREUL Javana Brush for textile and silk paints synthetic hair pointed

Designed for fine lines and exact details, very fine synthetic hair holds color well. Good durability, for all silk painting techniques. A recommendable, basic brush.

Size ArtNo. 820400
Size 0
ArtNo. 820402
Size 2
ArtNo. 820404
Size 4
ArtNo. 820406
Size 6
ArtNo. 820408
Size 8
ArtNo. 820410
Size 10
ArtNo. 820412
Size 12

KREUL Javana brushes for textile and silk paints set of 4

ArtNo. 48104
Contents 4 brushes
1 Toray, size 2
2 Ox hair, sizes: 6 and 10
1 Mohair, size 18

KREUL Javana Stencil brush for textile and silk paints synthetic fibres

Made of high-quality, white synthetic fibres.

Size ArtNo. 909304
Size 4
ArtNo. 909306
Size 6
ArtNo. 909308
Size 8

KREUL Javana Bristle stencil brush for textile and silk paints

Size ArtNo. 909408
Size 8
ArtNo. 909410
Size 10

KREUL Javana brushes for textile and silk paints set of 3

ArtNo. 49042
Content 3 brushes, synthetic
1 brush cat's tongue, size 6
1 round, size 4
1 flat, size 8

KREUL Javana brushes for textile and silk paints set of 3

ArtNo. 49044
Contents 3 brushes
1 brush for stencil technique, round size 8
1 nylon brush, diagonal, size 8
1 brush for contour lines, synthetic, size 2

KREUL Foam and stencil brush Set of 4

Suitable for almost all colors

ArtNo. 72160
Content 4 foam and stencil brushes,
Ø approx. 40, 30, 20 and 13 mm
with header for hanging

KREUL Stencil roller

Especially adapted for creating with stencils. 3 different rollers for different sizes of stencils.

ArtNo. s.u.
Size Stencil roller with roll and holder
ArtNo. 722805
Roll width 5 cm
length of holder 19 cm
ArtNo. 722810
Roll width 10 cm
length of holder 27 cm
ArtNo. 722815
Roll width 15 cm
length of holder 27 cm

Replacement rolls, bag of 2 (not ill.) with header for hanging
ArtNo. 722806
2 rolls, width 5 cm
ArtNo. 722811
2 rolls, width 10 cm
ArtNo. 722816
2 rolls, width 15 cm

KREUL Painting sponges Set of 8

For easy color application.
Clean immediately with water after use.

ArtNo. 45540
Content 8 sponges in one package

KREUL Sponge brush

Especially recommended for painting larger areas and for stencil techniques.

Size ArtNo. 822001
width of brush 25 mm
ArtNo. 822002
width of brush 50 mm
ArtNo. 822003
width of brush 75 mm

KREUL is the first German artists’ paint factory and produces with the seal of quality “Made in Germany”. In the year 2017 the owner managed family company looks back with pride on 179 years of tradition, innovation and quality. With its extensive line of merchandise KREUL accompanies artists, children and creative folks on their way through the fascinating world of colors.

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