SOLO GOYA Table Easel

Small three-legged mini table easel made of solid beech wood, lacquered. For displaying of photos, small stretched canvases and cards. Supplied ready assembled.

ArtNo. 17505
Max. picture height: 40 cm
Overall height: 38,5 cm
Foot measurement: 19 cm,
Weight: 340 g

SOLO GOYA Table Easel

Made of solid beech wood, lacquered. Well finished with H-feet.

ArtNo. 17611
Max. picture height: 30 cm
Overall height: 42 cm
Foot measurement: 15,5 x 14,5 cm
Weight: 440 g

SOLO GOYA Table Easel

Solid and well finished Academy Easel made of solid beech wood, lacquered.

ArtNo. 17101
Max. picture height: 60 cm
Overall height: 74 cm
Foot measurement: 29 x 34 cm
Weight: 1.8 kg

SOLO GOYA Universal Easel

Field easel made of stable waxed beech wood, lacquered. Excellent craftsmanship, variable picture support ledge and infinitely variable sloping position. Rubber feet guarantee best standing. Height can be adjusted by turning screws. Supplied ready assembled.

ArtNo. 17670
Max. picture height: 110 cm
Overall height: 192 cm
Foot measurement: 70 x 90 cm
Weight 1.5 kg

SOLO GOYA Aluminium Field Easel

Supplied folded up in a trendy, black nylon carry bag. Ideal easel for travel or outdoor use. Very easy to assemble. Lightweight. Good stability. Telescopic legs allow for quick set-up and breakdown. Easel includes a fold-out brush holder and an extra wide painting holder. Supplied ready assembled.

ArtNo. 17519
Max. picture height: 81 cm
Overall height: max. 160 cm
Length folded up: approx. 52 cm
Foot measurement: 60 x 110 cm
Weight: 801 g (with bag)

SOLO GOYA Academy Easel

Solid and well finished product. This tripod easel is made of solid beech, soaked in linseed oil. Tilt adjustment with a knob. Fully adjustable painting holder. Supplied ready assembled.

ArtNo. 17514
Max. picture height: 130 cm
Overall height: 173 cm
Foot measurement: 64 x max. 120 cm
Weight: 4,4 kg

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