SOLO GOYA Glossy Varnish (Picture Varnish)

A bright, very elastic top varnish that puts a transparent film on oil paints, making them highliy resistant to all external influences.

ArtNo. 823400
Volume Spray can, 400 ml

SOLO GOYA Matt Varnish (Picture Varnish)

A colorless, highly elastic, non-yellowing top varnish that dries to a matt and water-proof protective film. Excellent for oil and plastic dispersion paints, as well as for charcoal and pencil drawings and prints.

ArtNo. 833400
Volume Spray can, 400 ml

SOLO GOYA Fixativ-Spray

Highly transparent, matt protective film for chalk, charcoal and colored pencil drawings, watercolor and poster colors. Spray on at a distance of 30 cm from the drawing. Contains synthetic resins, solvent.

Volume ArtNo. 800150
Spray can, 150 ml
ArtNo. 800400
Spray can, 400 ml

KREUL Fixing spray matt and gloss

Fixing spray is a transparent, non-yellowing, elastic protective lacquer for drawings and art prints on paper. For the fixation of acrylic, oil and watercolors. Ideally suitable for the fixation of MUCKI Craft and Finger paints. Waterproof after drying. UV protection avoids fading of colors. Protects from dust and dirt. Apply fixing spray after complete drying of pictures (at least 24 hours, several weeks for oil paintings). Long lasting only indoors.

Volume ArtNo. 812150
Matt, 150 ml-spray can
ArtNo. 811150
Gloss, 150 ml-spray can

KREUL Acrylic Gloss Varnish

A versatile coating varnish. Use the clear varnish to apply a transparent, water-repellent film to printed works, pictures, watercolor, charcoal and pencil drawings.

Volume ArtNo. 810150
150 ml-spray can
ArtNo. 810400
400 ml-spray can

KREUL Acrylic Matt Varnish

Universally applicable.

Volume ArtNo. 821150
150 ml-spray can
ArtNo. 821400
400 ml-spray can

KREUL Acrylic Satin Varnish

A popular clear varnish for applying satin finishes.

Volume ArtNo. 830150
150 ml-spray can
ArtNo. 830400
400 ml-spray can

KREUL Zapon Varnish

A waterwhite, nitrocellulose varnish for spraying on thin coats - dries quickly. The varnish forms an invisible protective coating that prevents tarnishing of glossy metallic surfaces, as well as discoloration and rusting (patina). Excellent for trophies, vases, mugs, brass, bronze, tin or iron. For indoor and outdoor use.

ArtNo. s.u.
Volume ArtNo. 840150
150 ml-spray can
ArtNo. 840400
400 ml-spray can

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