Mediums for crackle technique

SOLO GOYA Crackle lacquer base coat

Basecoat for crackle lacquer applications on wood, paper, cardboard, glass, metal, etc. Apply repeatedly to absorbent surfaces. The last coating may only be slightly dry on the surface when you apply the crackle medium (60 min. – 2 hours). Short drying periods produce a few large cracks. Contains synthetic resin, solvent.

ArtNo. 4101-50ML
Volume 50 ml bottle

SOLO GOYA Crackle lacquer medium

Stir 2-3 drops of normal household dishwashing detergent in 10 ml of crackle medium. Apply to the primer coat that has not quite dried out. Shorter drying periods produce larger cracks, longer periods produce finer cracks. Contains water-soluble resin.

ArtNo. 4102-50ML
Volume 50 ml bottle

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