Cool effects, unique designs – Marbling with Magic Marble

The marbling look is a very popular trend within fashion, decorating industry and interior design. Whether on wooden boxes, pictures, candles or porcelain, with Magic Marble matt every decoration becomes a distinctive piece which matches perfect to shabby chic items, scandinavian designs and gentle interiors. On postcards, drawer fronts, ceramic mugs, tea light glasses, skateboards or helmets – marbling offers unimagined possibilities for creating unusual patterns.

  • Paints for immersion marbling of wood, glass, plastic, paper, metal, earthenware, terracotta, Styrofoam
  • 33 color shades (including 7 metallic, 2 glitter, 3 neon and 4 matt color shades) with excellent color brilliance and luminosity
  • Practical 20 ml jar: The small opening with dropper allows for easy, precise working
  • Short drying time
  • Crafters combine a maximum of 3 color shades per immersion to achieve stylish color effects
  • The marbled surface looks as if it is printed and binds evenly to the base

KREUL Magic Marble Marbling paint 20 ml

KREUL Magic Marble Marbling paint matt 20 ml

ArtNo. Color chart

20 ml jar with drop tip

KREUL Magic Marble Marbling paint Chalky Living Set of 6

ArtNo. 73613
Contents 6 x 20 ml jars each (Noble Nougat matt, Mademoiselle Rosé matt, Sir Petrol matt, Volcanic Gray matt, Colorless, Black)   

KREUL Magic Marble Marbling paint Basic Set of 6

ArtNo. 73600
Contents 6 x 20 ml jars each (White, Sun Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black)   

KREUL Magic Marble Marbling paint Metallic Set of 6

ArtNo. 73610
Contents 6 x 20 ml jars each (Metallic Blue, Metallic Green, Metallic Red, Metallic Violet, Gold, Silver)

KREUL Magic Marble Marbling paint Swing Style Set of 6

ArtNo. 73612
Content 6 x 20 ml jars each (Colorless, Violet, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Light Green, Blue)

KREUL Magic Marble Marbling paint Crazy Style Set of 6

ArtNo. 73611
Content 6 x 20 ml jars each (White, Silver, Black, Neon Yellow, Neon Orange, Neon Pink)

KREUL Magic Marble Marbling paint Set Happy Easter

ArtNo. 73703
Content 4 x 20 ml jars each (Citron, Orange, Light Blue, Light Green)
5 plastic eggs
5 marbling sticks
Wood wool for decoration


  • Smooth surfaces such as glass, metal or plastic must be free of grease (clean before painting using appropriate cleaners). You can apply a base coat of satin varnish (no. 830150) to the material, especially on glass, before marbling to achieve better results.
  • The order in which you drip the colors into the water will have an effect on the marbling pattern. The first color is displaced somewhat by the second one, meaning the second color will be more vibrant.
  • For single-color marbling, use colorless marbling paint and the desired color.
  • You can mix the colors with one another to create your own individual colors.
  • Always work at a brisk pace when marbling, as otherwise a semi-dry color film will form on the surface of the water.
  • Original colors can only be obtained on a white base. The colors appear somewhat darker on wood or other materials with a darker natural color.
  • We recommend using a substitute of turpentine (for example SOLO GOYA, no. 3571-50ML) as a cleaning agent.
  • Close the paint jars immediately after use. We recommend wearing gloves and an apron when painting.
  • Before marbling textile or fabric please try it on a little piece of fabric.

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