Creative people are into quick DIY projects.

They design their own magnet boards, be it in a square, round, or motif style. They then paint over the surfaces in their favorite color, and pin postcards, photos, and notes at home or at the workplace. With the magnetic primer, they transform decorative objects with smooth surfaces such as furniture, doors, countertops, and shelves into magnet boards. What’s in it for me? No drilling, screwing, or stapling. Once dried, the primed surface can be painted over with KREUL Acrylic Paints, and recoated with the KREUL Chalkboard varnish without compromising the magnetic effect. True upcycling professionals rely on the dual use: The memo board holds magnets and, thanks to the Chalkboard Varnish, it can be written on with the KREUL Chalky Marker.

  • Black acrylic primer for designing adhesive surfaces for magnets
  • Creamy pastose, covering, light-fast
  • Water-based
  • Dries with matt finish
  • Contains rust-free iron powder
  • Magnetic force depends on layer thickness
  • Low odor
  • For priming wood, cardboard, styrofoam, stone, dried concrete, and MDF. Washes off smooth substrates such as ceramic, glass, tiles, metal, acrylic, and plastic.
  • Easy to paint and therefore easy to apply with paintbrush, paint roller, and spatula.
  • Do not dilute: For an optimal effect, apply a minimum of 3 layers
  • Once it has dried thoroughly (24 hours), it can be painted over with KREUL Acrylic paints and recoated with KREUL Chalkboard varnish
  • A 250 ml jar corresponds to a range of 0,5 m²

KREUL Magnetic Primer

ArtNo. 76155
Volume 250 ml jar

KREUL is the first German artists’ paint factory and produces with the seal of quality “Made in Germany”. In the year 2017 the owner managed family company looks back with pride on 179 years of tradition, innovation and quality. With its extensive line of merchandise KREUL accompanies artists, children and creative folks on their way through the fascinating world of colors.

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