KREUL aeroplast Modelling clays

KREUL aeroplast air-drying Modelling clays

  • Ideal for modelling in arts and crafts classes, in the kindergarten, for professional artists and creative people
  • Ready-to-use modelling and sculpturing clay, easy to work with
  • Use water to smooth like real clay
  • Sticks to every surface
  • Dries in the air with no cracks (drying time min. 24 hours, depending on thickness)
  • The finished objects do not need to be baked
  • We recommend water-based Acrylic Paints for decoration and the final coat of paint

Volume White, 500 g bag
ArtNo. 76500    
Terracotta, 500 g bag
ArtNo. 76501    
White, 1000 g bag
ArtNo. 761000  
Terracotta, 1000 g bag
ArtNo. 761001

KREUL aeroplast Modelling clay Granite

Air-drying modelling clay. Consists in major parts of real granite sand. Suitable for many modelling techniques like:

  • Free modelling of figures
  • Casing of different shapes made of polystyrene, paper, wood, ceramics, glass etc.
  • Modelling with cut out stencils etc.

ArtNo. 76400
Volume 400 g bag

KREUL Modelling tools

KREUL Modelling tools (plastic)

ArtNo. 040
Content set with 6 plastic modelling tools

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