Kids love everything that glitters and sparkles.

Gemstones, glitters, and glitter paints – it can never be too much. Without effects, kids’ heroes and heroines are virtually unimaginable: The unicorn needs to shimmer, the mermaid needs to glow, the dragon needs to dazzle, and the knight’s armor needs to sparkle. The MUCKI Finger paints make shimmering metallic effects possible so that the little ones can sense and discover even more. A piece of cardboard turns into a gleaming knight’s shield, and an egg carton becomes a shimmering jewelry box. The set contains four selected paints to enchant small princesses and courageous dragon hunters, as well as their mothers. The shades themselves tell exciting stories about fairies, treasures of gold, and silver dragons.

  • Gleaming, water-based colors for kids aged two and above
  • Good coverage
  • Creamy consistency for perfect application using fingers and hands
  • Also for use with brush, sponge or palett knife
  • Suitable for paper, cardboard, canvas, glass, wood, tile, mirror, stone
  • Can be washed out at temperatures above 30 °C
  • Remove from window panes, ceramic tiles etc. with soap and warm water
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Paraben-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan

MUCKI Gleaming Finger paint

in 6 color shades

ArtNo. color chart
Volume 150 ml plastic jar

MUCKI Gleaming Finger paints Set of 4

ArtNo. 2318
Content 4 x 150 ml jars each (Fairy dust rose, Diamond blue, Dragon silver, Gold treasure)

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