MUCKI Window Color: The washable window color for little experts

Kids' eyes start to sparkle when vivid pink is combined with luscious yellow. MUCKI Window Color lets kids delve into the fascinating world of window paints in a safe and practical way - every smudge can be washed out! Kids have fun painting the pictures and experimenting with the colors, not  forgetting the added excitement when the luminous images are placed on the windows.

  • Water-based window paints for kids aged four and above
  • Transparent, with a smooth surface
  • Gel-like consistency makes painting with the pen especially easy for little hands
  • The paint washes out well from 30°C
  • Easy to remove
  • Items stick on windows almost one week till three months
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Paraben-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan

MUCKI Window Color

in 20 color shades

ArtNr. 244xx
color chart
Content 29 ml Pen

MUCKI Window Color Contour paint

The contour paint is used to paint the lines of the motif.

ArtNo. 24430
color chart
Content 29 ml Pen

MUCKI Window Color Glow-in-the-dark paint

To make small stars and big dreams light up on windows at night.

ArtNo. 24436
color chart
Content 29 ml Pen

MUCKI Window Color Set of 4

Perfect gift idea for little Window Color experiments

ArtNo. 24450
Content 4 x 29 ml pens each (Yellow, Red, Dark Blue, Black Contour)
1 smooth rigid sheet, 100 x 115 mm

MUCKI Window Color Set of 7

The complete set for colorful Window Color experiments

ArtNo. 24451
Content 7 x 29 ml pens each (White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Black Contour)
2 smooth, rigid sheets, DIN A5
1 DIN A3 template (printed on both sides)

MUCKI Window Color Rigid Plastic Sheets

Young Window Color novices achieve fantastic results with the smooth, rigid sheet.

  • The rigid sheet does not slip when painting and does not crinkle.
  • The motifs dry well on the stable, flat surface.
  • The smooth surface ensures images adhere well to the window once they are dry and allows the transparent colors to really shine through.

transparent, 0.4 mm thick

Content ArtNo. 42796
3 sheets, DIN A4
ArtNo. 42797
1 sheet, DIN A4

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