MUCKI Window Glue

  • The window glue is ideal for sticking smaller items Ž(e.g. gemstones)“ or lightweight craft projects (Že.g. foam motifs, feathers, etc.)“ to windows.
  • To improve adhesion where MUCKI Window Color window decorations have been re-used several times.
  • Use the painting sponge to apply the glue to the rear of the image. Then stick the image to the window pane.
  • For heavier objects, allow the glue to dry briefly.
  • The glue is solvent-free, odorless and can be removed from the glass without leaving a residue by using a damp cloth.
  • The window glue is dermatologically tested, paraben-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan and can be washed out from 30° C

MUCKI Window Glue 29 ml

ArtNo. 42799
Volume 29 ml Pen

MUCKI Window Glue 29 ml SB (not. ill.)

ArtNo. 42799SB
Volume 29 ml pen

MUCKI Window Glue 80 ml

ArtNo. 42801
Volume 80 ml plastic bottle

MUCKI Window Glue 250 ml

ArtNo. 42802
Volume 250 ml plastic bottle

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