For us, a colour is something more than just a creamy mass. A colour is an expression of personality. We design our lives with colour. We convey our attitudes with colour. A life that feels good. With reliable things. Things that one can trust. Colours that one can trust.

We are preparing for the future and have started the programme 'Feel good' according to which when manufacturing new products, the formulas include at least 60% sustainable raw materials of natural origin.

'Feel good' also means that the very use of a colour triggers a special feeling of well-being. Having derived from the painting trend, KREUL has developed the unique Feel The Flow painting set for adults, which one can use to spend time relaxing, feel the pure fluid paints and escape the daily routine.

People behind the colours

Behind the scenes, we also ensure a sense of well-being. And we want to give it not only to our customers but certainly also to our employees. A working environment that gives our employees a good feeling, high safety standards, fair pay and future-proof jobs.

Ecological aspects

Working in a resource-friendly way has been natural for us all along. We professionally purify the waste water with the help of our in-house system to minimize pollutant emission into the environment. Whenever possible, we avoid using aggressive raw materials and cleaning agents. To save energy and water, we plan our production workflows as efficiently as possible. Additionally, we produce our own energy through the solar power system on the building. Our raw materials are acquired from local suppliers as far as possible, also when it can occasionally become more expensive - from short transport routes, comprehensible supply chains to the working conditions of people in the manufacturing company, all this is important for us, and gives as the good feeling of being on the right track.

Whether it is raw materials, packaging, procedures, formulas or applications - step by step we are moving into the future. We tinker and evaluate, question and analyse - a careful eye on the sense of well-being from the first German artists' paint factory.
No matter whether you are a dealer or a consumer - let us follow this path together. For the kids, artists and creatives of the future generations.