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The world is changing and we feel that the usual rules no longer apply, while markets are repositioning themselves and products have to be able to do so much more than before. The challenges are great, so are the opportunities to change something! As a family business with its own unique history and regional roots, we can play our part in making sure that colours for children, artists and creatives can make a real difference.

We have developed a system that serves us as our guiding principle for the future: the KREUL sustainability criteria. Retailers, partners and customers can depend on these. These criteria ensure that consumers are buying colours that have been responsibly developed, manufactured in safe and fair conditions, and transported only over relatively short distances.

Want to know more about us at KREUL?

In our Colour Blog, we explain all about our sustainability criteria and what's important to us as a company.

Amidst all these fundamental changes, we are, of course, developing exciting focus topics.


Squeaky colours now times four!

Safe but very, very loud? That’s our neon colours in our kid-tested MUCKI Finger Paints. Along with Squeaky Pink and Squeaky Yellow, we have launched two more neon colours and packed all of them in a set of four, so things can really get really loud!!

Even more painting, playing and learning.

The MUCKI Play Me Paintboxes have successfully hit the market. Now, we’ve gone one better and are launching a new set with which the mini-experts from 4 years can experience paint magic. And that for the first time with pens …

Great art for smart kids.

As the first German manufacturer of artists' paints, it's part of our DNA to inspire art. And that's just what we are doing with a new line in sets for cool kids from 6 years upwards. With the KREUL Master Forger Box, smart kids can immerse themselves in the world of great paintings and create their very own masterpiece. With smartphone, artist’s paints for children and the secrets of the old masters, we are creating a completely new way to play! Als erste deutsche Künstlerfarbenfabrik haben wir es in unserer DNA: Kunst immer wieder neu zu befeuern. Und das machen wir mit einer komplett neuen Set-Reihe für coole Kids ab 6 Jahren. Mit der KREUL Meisterfälscher Box tauchen smarte Kids in die Welt der großen Gemälde ein und erschaffen ihr eigenes Werk. Mit Smartphone, Kinder-Künstlerfarbe und den Geheimnissen alter Meister schaffen wir eine völlig neue Art des Spielens!

Gentle enlightenment.

Decorating candles has been in trend again over the last two years! And anyway it has always been a classic for special occasions like baptisms, weddings, or anniversaries. We are launching the KREUL Candle Pen with beeswax along with new sets for decorating candles.

Sustainability right down the line.

KREUL Chalky Markers are changing. With a refill systems, a sustainable formulation, PCR material and new sets, we are demonstrating how we want change in the markers segment, too. There are lots of chalk markers, but none is more sustainable.

Art’s invisible helpers.

Of course, it's the brilliant paint colours that play the starring role, but varnishes and brush cleaners shouldn’t be underestimated – after all, they add the finishing touch or ensure painting tools are reliably ready for use.

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