KREUL PicTixx Set CandlePen Set of 4

Fancy some loving candle designs?

Strong color accents in three-dimensional effects inspire little and adult creatives. With the KREUL Candle Pen, one can turn simple candles into individual ones for birthdays, christening or Christmas.


  • Ornamenting and effect creating paint for labeling, decorating and painting candles
  • Liquid wax-based
  • Handy pen shape with fine paint tip for filigree accents
  • Suitable for paint application with brush, sponge and spatula and for paint techniques such as stenciling
  • After a drying time of approx. 8 hours the painting is solidified on the candle
  • Painted candles can be burned under supervision


4 PicTixx CandlePens (Yellow, Red, Blue, Gold), 1 wax foil for easy working, 1 motif pattern


  • For painting on candles

Data and Downloads

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