KREUL Javana Stenciling on textile Set


The set for creatives who love contrasting colour techniques on fabrics. Creatives experience the interplay of colour tones and combine motifs to the hearts content. Whether butterflies or stars, individually or combined as patterns - the creamy, brilliant fabrics paints for light and dark fabrics are ideal for stencilling due to their paste-like character. The highly opaque colours lie on the fabrics and do not flow under the stencil. Creatives are inspired by the luminosity of the KREUL fabrics paints for light and dark fabrics and stencils on woven fabrics such as cotton, linen or jeans. After fixation the colours are lightfast and washable up to 40 °C. And the whole thing is also sustainable, because the self-adhesive stencils can be cleaned with warm water and are therefore ready for multiple use.


  • Ideal for beginners, as the set contains everything you need to create T-shirts, fabric bags, cushions, lampshades and fabric panels with patterns using design templates
  • Creamy, brilliant fabric paint with impasto character is ideal for stenciling, Paints do not run under the stencil
  • Highly opaque
  • Water-based
  • For light and dark-colored textiles made of cotton and blended fabrics of up to max. 20% synthetic fiber content
  • Self-adhesive stable design stencils for exact patterns and filigree motifs, sustainable because reusable - simply wash off and store with the adhesive foil on the backing paper


2 x fabric paint for light and dark-colored fabrics à 50 ml in Vanilla, Magenta, 2 Self-adhesive stencils, each 7 x 10 cm, motifs: butterfly, star, 2 Sponge brushes, 1 Idea brochure


  • For light and dark-colored textiles made of cotton and blends with max. 20% synthetic fiber content

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