KREUL Fixing Spray matt 150 ml

Sprayed-on protection for works of art.

Whether colourful paintings or delicate drawings: sunrays or dust can cause the colours to fade over time. It’s a good thing that the KREUL Fixing spray can do something about it. The protective lacquer is simply sprayed onto the finished painting. It prevents the fading of acrylic, tempera, gouache and water colours. So, everything becomes resistant and cannot yellow any more. A further plus when the KREUL Fixing spray matt is sprayed on is that pictures with water-soluble paints such as the MUCKI Fingerpaints or the MUCKI Craft paints can no longer be damaged by moisture. So, children’s art remains beautiful in the long term!


  • Fixing spray is a transparent, non-yellowing, elastic protective lacquer for drawings and art prints on paper. For the fixation of acrylic, oil and watercolors. Ideally suitable for the fixation of MUCKI Craft and Finger paints. Waterproof after drying. UV protection avoids fading of colors. Protects from dust and dirt. Apply fixing spray after complete drying of pictures (at least 24 hours, several weeks for oil paintings). Long lasting only indoors.


  • For fixation of colors on paintings, drawings and art prints on paper

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