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Welcome to KREUL

Welcome to Germany's first manufacturer of artist colours. Come in and take a look behind the scenes. How do colours for kids, artists and creatives appear? What is behind the 180-year history of the company? And what targets does the family company from Hallerndorf pursue? 

Get to know us, let yourself be inspired and find your matching colour!
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"Color is our life – and our passion. Using our knowledge and skills with color, mixed with a great deal of intuition for color, we produce high-quality
paints responsibly and sustainably to make artists, children and creative minds happy.
I sincerely hope you enjoy our KREUL paints and colors."

Dr. Florian Hawranek

Tips for artists

Artists rely on our knowledge, our brilliant colours and get inspired by modern impulses.
Immerse yourself into the world of our artist paints and discover interesting facts about vermillion and ultramarine blue.

DIY ideas for creatives

Creatives put great emphasis on individuality and self-made designs. At the same time, colours set the tone.
Let yourself be inspired and find your favourite DIY project in cosy red or volcanic grey.

Playing ideas for children

Children feel, play and learn with our colours. Full of curiosity, they discover the world.
Click through our playing ideas for children and discover pixie dust and dragon silver.