KREUL - the brand for kids, artists and creatives


Children feel and discover, learn and play with our colours and dive into the world of fantasy. Parents trust the quality, safety and suitability of daily use of the children's paints and appreciate the quality seal 'Made in Germany'.

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Creative people realize their ideas with our colours. They are simply and understandably guided through the wide range of specific colour systems. Trending colours or classic ones, quick effects or exciting techniques? DIY lovers trust the brand of KREUL and give their self-made things a personal colour touch.

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Artists know what they need and gladly let themselves get inspired. All masters encounter new impulses. From the legend about the finest artists' oil paints to the lightness of the aqua paint marker - what counts is the shine, quality and reliability of the colours - since 1838. 

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Three target groups, a lot of individual needs, one brand.
This excites us, motivates us. This makes the brand KREUL so unique.