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Super easy decoupage with paper napkins

With KREUL Art Potch Varnish & Glue, objects can be quickly transformed into favorite decorations using motifs from paper napkins. This special adhesive serves as both varnish and glue. Additionally, it's practical and sustainable, as the containers are made from recycled plastic.

Glossy decoration with paper napkin decoupage

Embellishing objects with a napkin motif? This is achievable with KREUL Art Potch Varnish & Glue Gloss. This special adhesive serves as both varnish and glue, drying with a glossy finish. Elegant, practical, and sustainable. The containers are made from recycled plastic.

Paper napkin decoupage with glitter effect

Sparkle in the eyes? Certainly with KREUL Art Potch Varnish & Glue Glitter. The containers are made from recycled plastic.

Stylish and individual with paper napkin motifs

With KREUL Textile Potch, textile artworks are created that look printed, but they're actually adorned. A cool and sustainable idea for upcycling old textiles. The container for KREUL Textile Potch is also made from recycled plastic.

Decoupage – traditional technique with a contemporary look

Elevate stylish objects with paper motifs? The classic craftsmanship transforms decor into something special with KREUL Decoupage Potch Glue & Varnish. The container of this special adhesive is also made from recycled plastic.

Stylish porcelain design with paper napkins

Simple glasses, plates, and cups become eye-catchers in no time with KREUL Glass & Porcelain Potch.

Sustainable paper napkin decoupage

Looking for a sustainable adhesive alternative for decoupage? Here is the KREUL Art Potch Nature. The formulation contains a minimum of 80 % plant-based raw materials.

Child-friendly for child’s play decoration

The MUCKI Kids Decoupage Glue for children aged 4 and above adheres to almost all surfaces. Easy and child-friendly. Spills and glue residues can be easily washed out.

Celebrating winter!

Enchanting landscapes outside, a cozy atmosphere inside – winter is simply lovely. Let's celebrate it with the KREUL Candle Pen 6-piece Set 'Winter Love.' With the mix of cool and heartwarming colors, candles can be crafted into winter eye-catchers.

All fancied up for the big day

Special moments become unforgettable with loving details. With the KREUL Candle Pen Set of 6 Hello Baby candles can be uniquely designed. The six harmoniously coordinated shades make candles perfect for festive occasions.

Structured design made easy

Elevations, depressions, scratched lines: With the SOLO GOYA Acrylic Medium 20 ml Tubes Set of 8, unique textures can be achieved on the canvas.

Time for soft colours

Soft as fluffy clouds, simply dreamy and beautiful: the soft colours in the set of 6 MUCKI Softie Finger Paints will make the hearts of little artists skip a beat.

Squeaky colours now in set of four!

Safe but loud? That's our neon colours in the tried and tested MUCKI Finger Paints line. To go along with Squeaky Pink and Squeaky Yellow, we are bringing out two more neon colours and packing them all into a set of four paints, now that's loud!

Gleaming colours for magical children’s art

The set of 6 MUCKI Gleaming Finger Paints inspires young explorers to create fairytale artworks.

Painting fun for the youngest textile designers

With the set of 6 new MUCKI Finger Paints for Fabrics, little artists can have lots of fun painting t-shirts, cloth bags or aprons. With 6 stunning colours matched to the needs of children aged from 2 years.

Hello to stylish winter windows

Winter time is decoration time! And for stylish artwork shining through your windows. The KREUL Window Color Set Hello Winter welcomes this chilly time of the year with cool painting fun. A big “Hello” to winter designs.


Bright and colourful painting fun on cups and plates

Ready, steady, go for monster designs on cups and plates! With the KREUL Porcelain Marker medium Junior, cool kids add colour to their tableware.

Studio feeling for budding young artists

Painting like the great artists? With KREUL Kids Art Artists‘ Paints for Children, that’s child’s play for smart kids.

Great art for smart kids

As the first German factory making artists' paints, it is in our DNA to keep inspiring art. And we are doing just that with a complete new line of painting sets for cool kids aged from 6 years. With the KREUL Master Forger Box, smart kids can dip into the world of great paintings and create their own work of art. With a smartphone, artists' paints and the secrets of the old masters, we have created a completely new way to play!

Refreshing new look for tableware and decorative objects

Yippee – good mood is coming to the table! With the KREUL Glass & Porcelain Color Living Set, glass and ceramics get a stylish and inviting new look.

Bright prospects for paint ideas

The KREUL Acrylic Gloss Paints Color Living Set brings zing into home interiors. It contains six good-mood colour shades that are perfectly coordinated with each other. Home decor can be easily revamped to give a new radiant look.

Good mood styles for the home

Watch out cushions, throws and shopping bags: a refreshing new look in stylish colours is coming for you. The KREUL Javana Fabric Paint for Light- and Dark-Coloured Fabrics, Color Living Set is perfect for decorating fabrics with cheerful designs.

All-purpose glue for responsible crafting and DIY

KREUL Handicraft Glue Nature is a must-have for sustainable DIY projects and upcycling ideas.

Precise gluing – stroke for stroke

Use the KREUL Glue Marker for precise and clean gluing of paper projects.

Soft illumination

Decorating candles has been on-trend again for the last two years. We are bringing out the KREUL Candle Pen with Beeswax along with new sets for decorating candles.

Even more colour for painting beginners and pros

With the SOLO GOYA Acrylic 20-ml tubes in a set of 48 colours, artists will always have the right colour shade at hand.

Refreshing colour combinations for modern art

The SOLO GOYA Acrylic Set of 8 Mixed Colors comprises refreshing colours that work wonderfully in all variations.

We are actively reducing our CO₂ emissions and contributing to a climate protection project

We take responsibility - now and for the future production of colors. For the current CO₂ emissions of 556 t CO₂e, we fully offset through investments in a climate protection project. The CO₂ emissions have been reduced by 39% in 2022 compared to the measurement period in 2021.

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