Who we are

We are the first German artists' paint factory. For more than 180 years, we have been developing, producing and selling paints for artists, kids and creatives in Franconian Hallerndorf. As an owner-managed company, everyone out of 100 employees matters. We exist in an industry that is geared towards lifestyle, and we are confirmed that to become successful, we, as a brand-name company, must be full of ideas and sustainable.

We can colour. We are colour.


A flair for colours, entrepreneurial spirit and thinking in generations. Take a look at the history of the family-owned company.

The founder

Carl Kreul. Artist, inventor and entrepreneur - learn more about the unique beginning of the first German artists' paint factory.

The brand

Knowledge of colours and colour skills meet three target groups and build up under a strong brand. Read here what makes KREUL so unique.

Our responsibility as a manufacturer of colors

As a manufacturer of liquid colors for kids, artists and creatives, we make a promise to our customers. Every day.
It is the promise to produce and to market products of the highest quality.
For this reason, we continue to invest in our on-site laboratory and in energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly production processes.
As we are certified in line with ISO 14001 and FSC®, we are actively promoting environmental and climate protection. Our employees play a major role in our family-operated business.
Their long-standing expertise, their deep attachment to KREUL and their unique sense of color guarantee compliance with our promise.
We are constantly striving for innovations and improvement in order to meet the highest artistic demands while being safe for people and the environment.
Read here about how we work and what matters for us.