A boldness for color.

Carl Kreul showed boldness in 1838 when he founded the very first German artists’ paint factory and began to produce oil paints on an industrial scale.
At the time, it was boldly revolutionary. Today, 180 years later, we still have a “boldness for color”. As an independent, family-owned company, we make decisions every day for color, for the sustainable development of our paint formulations, for optimizing production processes and for marketing liquid paints in a digital age.

We believe in color. Color inspires. Color is important. Children’s eyes light up when they catch sight of gaudy pink or pixie dust pink. Creative, decorative ideas come alive with volcanic gray or cozy red. White canvases are transformed into vividly colored works of art radiating vermilion and ultramarine.

Who we are

Walk into the first German artists' paint factory. Discover who we are and where we are from.

How we work

From the first drops till display on the dealer's shelf. Discover what is important for us.

Why we exist

The brand KREUL guarantees colour ideas and smart concepts for children, artists and creatives.

Who we need

Are you interested in working for KREUL? Find an overview of our current vacancies.

What is important for us

As the oldest German artists' paint factory, we think in generations. We rely on experience and want to create sustainable prerequisites for the future. Read more about our KREUL commitment.