KREUL Refill Chalk Marker medium Snow White Set

Design, Write, Refill – Contemporary Chalk Art

Create designs on boards and windows with the KREUL Chalk marker. In a sustainable way. In addition to the pen, the refill set contains a refill pen and original replacement tips. The marker can then be refilled and equipped with a new tip. The formula consists of at least 60% sustainably sourced raw materials. The plastic of the marker consists of 70% recycled plastic. It is great when creativity and responsibility go hand in hand so easily.


  • Resource-conserving, non-permanent fluid chalks
  • With the KREUL Chalk Marker we make a valuable contribution to a responsible future: 60% of the formula consists of sustainable raw materials; The plastic of the marker consists of 70% recycled plastic; The cardboard packaging of the set consists of 94% recycled materials; The paint is produced fairly and safely in Germany; Refilling extends the life of a marker and thus protects the environment: waster is reduced; resources are conserved.
  • Water-based
  • Matt, covering, light-fast, fast drying
  • Paint application on smooth and non-absorbent surfaces can be wiped clean with a damp cloth
  • Original ink of the KREUL Chalk Marker in the soft refill pen
  • Tip is replaceable with the original KREUL Chalk Marker replacement tips
  • Empty KREUL Chalk Marker can be refilled 4 times with the content of a refill. This is how it works: shake the refill well with the cap closed before use. Wear rubber gloves for protection. Hold the KREUL Chalk Marker with the tip pointing upwards and twist the marker open between the mouthpiece and the body. Loosen the valve and remove. Decant the contents of the refill up to the 1st mark. One mark on the refill pen corresponds to approx. one marker filling. After filling, the marker is immediately ready for use.


1 KREUL Chalk Marker medium Snow White, 1 Refill Chalk Marker Snow White 25 ml, 4 Replacement tips


  • For board surfaces and backgrounds, windows, mirrors, glass, tiles, foil, metal, and acrylic glass

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