KREUL Batik Textile Dye

Knots, folds, dipping – batik effects are unique and painted textile inspires all DIY lovers.

With the KREUL Batik Textile Dye, creatives can paint their textile with the shibori technique, they dip them or just refresh the colors again. Usual textile becomes unique and old things can be recycled in strong colors. Whether it’s pillowcases, tablecloths, textile bags, t-shirts and shawls or bed linen, in the right color combination batik dyed fabrics are a real eye-catcher. We distinguish between different fabric-dyeing techniques. Shibori: patterns are created by tying, folding and knots. You can use rubber bands, cable ties or parcel cords. Wax batik: liquid wax is applied to white fabric. The fabric gets painted. After drying, the wax is ironed out and the white patterns become visible. Dip-dye: the fabric is dipped into the paint and it rests there for some time, the paint is absorbed, and it results in a wonderful uneven edge. Batik techniques not only look good, but they are also fun: first coloring and stirring in the pot and at the end the surprise which pattern has emerged.


  • Dyes fabrics from 50 °C to 95 °C – with hot water in a bucket or in a pot on the stove
  • If the entire 70 g bottle of dye is used: Strong, intense shade for 200 g fabric; a medium depth of shade for 400 g fabric
  • For dyeing and batiking silk, cotton, viscose, linen, half linen, wool and polyamide
  • The dye powder, which includes dye salt, comes in a practical, resealable bottle for easy dispensing, mixing and storage
  • Vegan
  • The minimum temperature for dyeing is 50 °C - perfect for batiking with wax and tie dyeing techniques with squirt or spray bottles
  • Dyed textiles are not boil-proof: Fix the dye using KREUL Fixing agent for batik textile dyes (No. 98553) to improve color fastness and wash fastness. Wash dyed fabric separately at a maximum of 40 °C
  • Microplastic-free

Good to know FAQs to colors and technique

  • 98521Neon Light
  • 98522Yellow Sunflower
  • 98523Happy Orange
  • 98524Red Fire
  • 98525Cherry Kiss
  • 98526Raspberry Flavor
  • 98527Pink Princess
  • 98537The real Pink
  • 98528Lady Violet
  • 98529Cool Blue
  • 98538Indigo Blue
  • 98530Sound of the Sea
  • 98531Fresh Green
  • 98532Tree Time
  • 98539Dark Green
  • 98540Velvet Petrol
  • 98533Dark Olive
  • 98534Sand of the Sahara
  • 98535Hazelnut Brownie
  • 98536Black Beauty


  • For dyeing and batiking silk, cotton, viscose, linen, half linen, wool and polyamide

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