KREUL Tattoo Pen anchor, stars, butterfly Set of 4

Cool looks for cool shows.

Kids love to paint, and they love cool looks. To ensure that everything is carefree and harmless, there are special pens: with the four KREUL Tattoo Pens, painting the skin becomes a colorful fun. Depending on the skin type, the artwork lasts for a few days and is a real eye-catcher at children’s birthdays, family celebrations and carnivals, on the beach in summer and also when princesses and pirates want to dress up. The pencils contain water-based cosmetic ink that has been dermatologically tested. They are paraben-free, vegan and are easy to use: the flexible brush tip is very easy to apply directly to grease-free skin or to get into shape with the appropriate tattoo stencils. The KREUL Tattoo Pens are not waterproof. They are ideal for children because the ink can be washed off the skin with water and is washable from most textiles from 30 °C. We recommend to paint tattoos only where you sweat less or come into contact with water less. So rather on the upper arm than on the wrist.


  • Cosmetic ink and stencils for creative painting and decorating of oil-free skin
  • Water-based cosmetic ink, dermatologically tested and approved, without parabens, vegan
  • Odorless
  • Quickly drying
  • The flexible brush tip allows a controlled painting and is easier to handle for children
  • The ink is not waterproof
  • Can be washed off with warm water and soap
  • Can be washed out at temperatures above 30 °C
  • Here’s how it works: Remove the stencil from its foil and stick it onto the cleaned, oil-free and dry skin. Paint on the motif using KREUL Tattoo Pens. Clean the stencil with warm water. The motif can be washed off with warm water and soap.


4 pens each (Pink, Blue, Green, Black), 3 Stencils


  • For temporary painting on the skin

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