Our KREUL promise

At KREUL, we give top priority to providing information on labeling, legal conformity and product safety, as well as to supporting our customers. Our product labeling is extensive and differentiates between voluntary labeling and statutory information. The overview below provides information on what the terms signify.

Please contact your medical doctor if allergies or intolerance occur. Your doctor will contact us, and we will provide all the necessary information.
In an emergency, please contact the officia Emergency Poison Information Service at the Charité University Medical Center, Berlin:

Emergency Poison Information Service
Charité University Medical Center, Berlin
Phone: 030 19240
Campus Benjamin Franklin
Hindenburgdamm 30
12203 Berlin, Germany

Voluntary labeling

Voluntary labeling includes characteristics and criteria that make it easier to facilitate a purchasing decision, and are intended to provide production information that help customers make a choice. The company decides whether to provide this information.

Dermatologically tested

Products that are dermatologically tested have undergone skin tolerance tests in which a dermatologist performs an epicutaneous test on 30 test persons in accordance with international guidelines to ensure that no toxic or irritative intolerance reaction occurs.


Paraben-free products contain no parabens, as some types are suspected of acting like a hormone and have been found to be toxic for reproduction in experiments on animals. For this reason, the EU Commission has, for example, restricted the amount permissible in cosmetics. Parabens are chemical compounds used as preservatives.


Lactose-free products contain no lactose, as people with lactose intolerance cannot digest it – or at least insufficientl – which can then result in discomfort (e.g. stomach pains). Lactose is a natural constituent of milk and dairy products.


Gluten-free products contain no gluten, as it can result in an inflammato y bowel disorder among people with a predisposition to celiac disease (gluten hypersensitivity) that can have extensive consequences for their health. Gluten is a mixture of proteins that occur in the seeds of various types of grain.


Vegan products contain no substances of animal origin, and no testing on animals was performed or commissioned during their production.

Feel Good

We’re getting ready for the future and have launched a program in which at least 60 % of all formulations for new products come from sustainable raw materials from natural sources.
Further information can be found here.

Saliva resistance

An object painted with saliva-resistant color is resistant to saliva. Testing is performed in accordance with DIN 53160-1+2:2010 (Determination of the color-fastness of articles for common use). Saliva resistance should not be confused with suitability for use with foodstuffs.

Statutory labeling

As a German manufacturer, we are obliged to label products and to indicate legal specifications on labels and packages. This is how legislation guarantees the transparency necessary for the protection of health and the environment. This applies, for example, to allergies as well as to the proper disposal of the products used.

CE is an abbreviation of Communauté Européenne (European Community) and indicates that a product with this mark complies with the relevant European safety regulations.
In our case, this is the EU Toy Safety Directive (2009/48/EC) and EN 71.


GHS stands for Globally Harmonized System of Classification Labeling and Packaging of Chemicals, and serves to provide consumers with more transparent information. Implementation was effected in accordance with EC Regulation (No.1272/2008), also known as the CLP Regulation.
The following symbols are the hazard pictograms contained in the CLP Regulation:

This symbol warns of substances and compounds that may endanger the aquatic environment.

this symbol warns of flammable substances and mixtures.

This symbol warns of possible respiratory sensitization, of aspiration hazards and of specific target organ toxicity.

This symbol warns of skin and eye irritation and of skin sensitization.

Some products in the KREUL range bear the hazard statement EUH208: “Contains (name of sensitizing substance). May produce allergic reaction.” The sensitizing substance is the preservative protecting against microbial contamination, and therefore guaranteeing shelf life.

Products bearing the age warning symbol indicate – in accordance with the EU Toy Safety Directive (2009/48/EC, Annex V, Section B, No.1) – that they are toys that may be dangerous for children under the age of 36 months.