KREUL Candle Potch 169 g / 150 ml

Gluing and lacquering on candles.

With the KREUL Candle Potch, creatives decorate simple candles with napkin motifs. The transparent napkin glue is water-based and is a must for everybody who wants to design a unique birthday, Christmas or wedding candle with motifs.


  • Napkin glue for candles
  • Lacquer and glue in one
  • Dries transparent and semi-gloss
  • Flame-resistant
  • Water-based
  • For decorating napkin motifs on candles and wax plates
  • Heres how: Apply a thick coat of KREUL Candle Potch to the candle. Place the top layer of the cut out napkin on the candle and brush smoothly using a soft, dry brush. Let dry for approx. 24 hours


  • For decorating candles and wax plates

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