KREUL el Greco Acrylic 150 ml

Shiny in form.

The KREUL el Greco Acrylic is a highly pigmented artist’s acrylic paint that dries quickly and shines. It can be painted opaque and glazed and is especially suitable for pastose painting. The luminous, lightfast colors dry waterproof and form an elastic film. They are applied with a brush or spatula on picture bases such as canvas, painting cardboard, paper or wooden boards.


  • Water-based
  • Paints dry quickly with a glossy sheen
  • Vibrant colors, lightfast and good coverage
  • Intermixable and can be thinned with water
  • They can be painted opaque or as varnish
  • When dry the color is water-resistant and the emulsion film flexible
  • Fluorescent color shades glow under black light

  • 28501Titanium White
  • 28533Ivory
  • 28502Genuine Yellow Citron
  • 28503Cadmium Yellow
  • 28504Indian Yellow
  • 28505Genuine Orange
  • 28527Genuine Red
  • 28507Carmine Red
  • 28509Magenta
  • 28528Madder Lake
  • 28529Brilliant Violet
  • 28511Light Blue
  • 28512Ultramarine Blue
  • 28513Cobalt Blue dark
  • 28531Vermilion Green light
  • 28515Permanent Green
  • 28516Viridian Green
  • 28517Foliage Green
  • 28518Light Ocher
  • 28522Burnt Umber
  • 28523Vandyke Brown
  • 28524Black
  • 28550Silver
  • 28551Gold


  • Colors do well on many surfaces such as canvas, carton, paper, stone, metal, leather and plastics

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