SOLO GOYA Acrylic Medium Structure gel glossy 250 ml

Acrylic art in a new dimension.

With the SOLO GOYA Acrylic Medium, three-dimensional effects are created, and picture compositions on canvas receive an appealing depth of image and great expressiveness. Not only an optical but also a tactile world of experience is created on canvas when acrylic paints and structure gels meet. The structure gels are suitable for plastic, pasty surface design with structures, can be used as a priming agent, to achieve various background textures. They can be used for various effects and as an adhesive for collages. All gels are water-based and ideal for designs with the artist’s palette knife and texture-rich applications with the brush. The SOLO GOYA Acrylic Medium Structure Gel Glossy is a water-based milky white acrylic gel of spreadable creamy consistency. It dries transparent and glossy. The structure gel can be mixed with acrylic paint in any ratio and it increases the colour brilliance and the gloss level.


  • Suitable for plastic, pastose surface design with structures
  • Can be used as a primer medium to achieve different base structures
  • Can be used for varied effects
  • Can be used as an adhesive for collages


  • Ideal for painting on paper, carton, canvas, cardboards, stone, metal, wood, leather and many plastics

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