KREUL Varnish glossy 50 ml

For a perfect finish

A glossy finish? All you need is the KREUL glossy varnish. It seals works of art with a consistent degree of gloss. The oil or acrylic colours of the artwork will be enhanced beautifully. A fantastic way to expand the artistic creative possibilities. It also reliably protects the completed artwork from dirt and dust. Masterpieces remain exceptionally beautiful for a long time. The glossy finish is applied to the dried artwork with a brush and dries quickly. A crowning finish that belongs to the basic supplies of any artist.


  • For oil and acrylic painting
  • Contains synthetic resins, white spirit
  • Dries quickly and glossy. Non-yellowing
  • Gives a consistent glossy finish
  • Protects against dust and dirt
  • Clean brushes and painting tools with the KREUL Brush Cleaner immediately after use


  • Suitable for various painting grounds, e.g., canvas, painting cardboard, artists’ paper

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