KREUL Candle Pen counter sales display

Candle delight – soft and very simple

Designing candles with the KREUL Candle Pen is easy and brings joy. Just get started and create chic designs by dabbing and painting. The pen is perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere at home. And it does so very gently: We have refined the recipe of the KREUL Candle Pen with natural beeswax. The candle paint is produced fairly and safely in Germany. For quality that creatives can rely on.


  • The filled up display will be dispatched.
  • H25.5 x W18.5 x D15.5 cm


44 KREUL Candle Pens 29 ml: 2 White, 2 Yellow, 2 Orange, 2 Red, 2 Rose, 2 Violet, 2 Light Blue, 2 Blue, 2 Royal Blue, 2 Light Green, 2 Green, 2 Brown, 2 Black, 2 Glitter-Silver, 2 Glitter-Gold, 2 Red-Metallic, 2 Blue-Metallic, 4 Silver, 4 Gold, 2 Inka Gold


  • For decorating and painting candles and wax sheets

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