KREUL Javana Fabric paint for light and dark-colored textiles Color Living Set of 6 x 20 ml

Good mood styles for the home

Watch out cushions, throws and shopping bags: a refreshing new look in stylish colours is coming for you. The KREUL Javana Fabric Paint for Light- and Dark-Coloured Fabrics, Color Living Set is perfect for decorating fabrics with cheerful designs. All the colours harmonize with each other, to give fabrics a new radiance. The creamy fabric paints are highly opaque – perfect for printing, stencilling or painting on textiles. After the paints have been fixed, the designs are lightfast and washable up to 40 °C.


  • Creamy, brilliant fabric paint with impasto character
  • High opacity
  • Water-based, lightfast
  • Suitable for fabric printing and stencilling
  • This is how it works: wash textiles free of finishes and fabric softener before painting. Place baking paper between the layers of fabric for protection. After a drying time of 6 hours, cover the painted fabric with baking paper and fix it with the iron on the cotton setting for 5 minutes. Alternatively, set the fabric for 8 minutes at 150 °C in the oven. Painted textiles washable inside out up to 40 °C on the delicate cycle.
  • We manufacture the paint in a fair and safe process in Germany
  • The cardboard packaging of the set consists of 94 % recycled material


6 x 20 ml jars each in Light Blue, Violet, Golden Yellow, Cherry, Rose, Leaf Green,1 Brush


  • For light and dark-colored textiles made of cotton and blends with max. 20% synthetic fiber content

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