KREUL Big Box for painting on textiles

Lots of colour for textile designers.

A lot of paint is used in nursery schools or while drawing and handcrafting in a group. To make sure that everything can be cleaned up compactly and orderly, the KREUL Big Box brings lots of color into play.


  • Extra large paint set with KREUL Fabric Paint


18 textile markers 2 Pens each (Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Brown, Light Green, Green, Pale Blue, Blue, Violet, Gray, Black, Delicate Rose, Carmine Red, Turquoise, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow), 12 Fabric Paints for light-colored textiles 250 ml each (Orange, Carmine Red, Royal Blue, Brilliant Green, Black, White, Golden Yellow, May Green, Dark Brown, Azure Blue, Pink, Red)


  • For light-colored textiles, e.g. for cotton textiles, batiste, linen and cotton-mixed textiles having up to 20 % synthetic fibre part

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