KREUL Javana Cold wax

The fascination of painting on silk is not least due to the variety of special effects that can be created with the painting aids. The cold wax separates the colored surfaces from each other. With this painting aid of the KREUL Javana Silk Paints, creatives can design transparent contours and patterns on shawls, scarfs or window pictures.


  • Ready to use, spreadable wax for impressive design on silk and cotton fabric
  • Can be applied immediately without having to heat it
  • Apply the cold wax with a brush, paint roller or sponge to washed textile. Let it dry for about 30-60 min.
  • The patterns and motifs painted with cold wax are reserved and remain white after painting with KREUL Javana Silk Paints
  • Iron on the ‘cotton setting’: The cold wax will be removed and the silk paint will be fixed.
  • Cold wax can also be applied to paintings with silk paints. Apply a second coat of paint over it - after ironing, the first coat of paint becomes visible.


  • For silk and light-colored textiles made of cotton, viscose, linen or blends with max. 20% synthetic fiber content

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