KREUL Disappearing Ink Pen

Sketching with magic ink.

Sometimes you need a few guiding lines to be able to paint and work safely. The KREUL Disappearing Ink Pen is a perfect aid for drawing lines and contours. The special thing is that two to four days after application, the purple ink disappears by itself (depending on the humidity). Contact with paint or water also makes the preliminary drawing invisible again. This means that the preliminary drawing only remains as long as it is needed – without any rubbing, erasing or residues.


  • Self-erasing phantom pen for pre-drawing and marking on fabrics, silk, carton, canvas
  • Water-based
  • Visible about 2-4 days
  • Ink is disappearing by air (depending on humidity and surface), by contact with paint or water. Tip: When the humidity in the room is higher, the ink disappears faster.
  • When applied on fabrics, the ink must be removed before ironing, otherwise the lines are permanently fixed. KREUL farbric and silk paint are waterproof and cannot be resolved with water.


  • For pre-drawing and marking on fabrics, silk, carton, canvas

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