KREUL Glass & Porcelain Pen Chalky medium Set of 5

Fancy softer shades?

A hot cup of chocolate and thick woollen socks. What else do you need for that pleasant feel-good moment? Right! Soft matt colours to get your favourite cup in that mood too. With KREUL Glass & Porcelain Pens Chalky, creatives draw simple designs and cuddly messages on ceramic, glass or porcelain and enjoy the soft matt look that feels so good. As the oldest German artists’ paint factory, we rely on experience and want to create sustainable conditions for the future. That is the KREUL Glass & Porcelain Pens Chalky are made of at least 60% sustainable raw materials of natural origin.


  • Soft matt glass and porcelain chalk paint
  • Opaque, lightfast
  • Water-based
  • For painting heat-resistant materials such as porcelain, glass, metal, ceramics.
  • With stable medium bullet tip
  • After curing the painting is waterproof and dishwasher suitable
  • Colors made from at least 60 % sustainable raw materials from a natural source.
  • Heres how: Only paint surfaces that do not come into contact with food. Shake well before use and before removing cap approx. 1-2 minutes. Press repeated times on paper till color is visible. First test the pen on paper before painting the object
  • Paint can be removed with water while it has not yet been baked.
  • After a drying time of 4 hours, cure at 160 °C in the non-preheated kitchen oven for 90 minutes. Allow objects to cool and harden in the oven.


5 glass and porcelain pens each (White Cotton, Cozy Red, Rosemary Green, Noble Nougat, Black Carbon)


  • For painting on heat-resistant porcelain, glass, ceramic and metal

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