KREUL Window Color Glitter

Makes great ideas fly.

Window pictures are really cool – from the inside as well as from the outside. So that it never gets boring, the little designers take Window Color and proudly stick the self-made superheroes to all smooth surfaces that they come across at home. And the best thing for all mums and dads: the stickers can be easily removed without any residue and redecorated. For all kids who like effects, the Glittering and Metallic paints are great to add color to their heroes. First, the KREUL Window Color Contour Paint is applied to a special foil. Once the black lines are dried for 2 hours, the motif can be painted with the KREUL Window Color. In ca. 24 hours, everything is completely dry. Then the motif can be removed from the foil and stuck onto the window. The KREUL Window Color sticks to smooth surfaces like glass, mirror and tiles.


  • Water-based window paints for kids aged six and above
  • For sparkling window decorations with the wow effect
  • Can be used on smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors, tiles, etc.
  • Paint design onto special sheet (leave to dry for around 2 hours) and then color the motif (leave to dry for around 24 hours). Remove the motif from the film and stick onto the window
  • The dried paint has a light structure

  • 42728Glitter-Silver
  • 42727Glitter-Gold


  • Suitable for smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors, tiles and foil

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