KREUL Glue Marker 27,5 g / 25 ml

Precision gluing – stroke by stroke

The KREUL Glue Marker can be used for precise and clean gluing of paper projects. With the wedge tip of the handly glue pen, you can get precise lines right into the tiniest corner. Perfect for pinpoint details or effective gluing for lettering. And sustainable, of course. The formulation consists of at least 80 % natural substances and the plastic used to make the pen consists of 40 % recycled plastic.


  • Sustainable liquid glue in a pen for fast, clean and precise glue application
  • For a responsible future: The formulation contains at least 80 % raw materials of natural origin, on vegetable basis, vegan; The plastic used to make the pen consists of 40 % recycled plastic; We manufacture the glue in a fair and safe process in Germany; The tip is replaceable. Using KREUL XXL replacement tips 15 mm, Art. No. 17991, lengthens the pen’s lifetime.
  • Water-based, solvent-free and odour-neutral
  • Dries transparent
  • XXL wedge tip enables even glue application for precise lines, lettering, pinpoint gluing
  • For cardmaking, scrapbooking and light gluing projects with paper, card, cardboard, wood, cork, photos, foam rubber, cord, raffia ribbon
  • This is how: Before you use the glue, shake the pen with its cap on. Carefully press the tip on paper to pump the glue until you can see it at the tip. Apply to clean and dry surfaces. Apply to one side and press the pieces you want to stick together for a few seconds. Let the glue dry.
  • Ideal as glitter glue: scatter glittering flakes on the wet glue
  • Wet patches of glue can be washed off with warm water.

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