KREUL Brushes for Glass and Porcelain paint Set of 3

Special brush for glass and porcelain painting.

KREUL Glass & Porcelain Classic, Clear and Chalky are the paints for DIY projects on cups, plates and glasses. The color palette is diverse and the look of the shiny and metallic shades even reminds of glazed ceramics. The right brush is worth a mint here, because the good painting characteristics, elasticity and bounce ensure particularly fine color application.


  • Universal brushes for artists, hobby painters, schools and large consumers is produced using hair similar to natural pony hair
  • With round brushes in the sizes 2,4,6,
  • With high level of elasticity and bounce
  • Especially good shape retention
  • Good painting qualities.
  • With silver colored ferrule
  • Paintbrush handle made of FSC®-certified wood (100% FSC®)
  • It is suitable for fabric paints, acrylic and poster paints as well as glass and porcelain paints.


3 x Pony Hair Synthetics, round, sizes: 2, 4, 6

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