KREUL Brushes for Napkin Techniqe Set of 2

Special brush for the napkin technique.

With the KREUL Art Potch Lacquer & Glue, the creatives and little designers can glue everything that needs to stick, and they improve surfaces with napkin motifs: whether it’s paper, wooden boxes, napkins or carton – the transparent napkin and decoration glue is water-based and it can be used for terracotta, wood, ceramics, stone or carton. The brush set includes two brush sizes for small and large DIY projects.


  • Synthetic brush and bristle brush for napkin technique with KREUL Art Potch
  • Synthetic brush, flat, size 14
  • Bristle brush, flat, size 16
  • With silver-colored ferrule
  • Paintbrush handle made of FSC®-certified wood (100% FSC®)


1 x Bristle, flat, size 16, 1 x Synthetics, flat, size 14

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