KREUL Universal Brush Basic Synthetics flat Set of 3

Ideal for hobby, school and art.

The KREUL brushes Basic are the universal brushes for creatives: Suitable for virtually all paints and colors and therefore ideal for hobby painters, schools and artists. The bristle tip is made from fine, high-quality, gold-colored synthetic hairs in a seamless, silver-colored ferrule, and offers excellent paint retention for precise work.


  • Universal brush for almost all colours and techniques
  • Set with 3 flat brushes in different sizes
  • Fine, high-quality, gold-coloured nylon hair in a seamless silver ferrule enable good colour retention for precise work
  • Meets the requirements of artists, creative people and students
  • Paintbrush handle made of FSC®-certified wood (100% FSC®)


3 x Synthetics, flat, Sizes 4, 8, 12

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