KREUL Acrylic satin varnish 400 ml

Protective spray-on film.

To ensure that lovingly designed individual pieces remain an eye-catcher for a long time, they should be given extra protection. The KREUL protective sprays cover everything with a protective film in gloss, matt or satin matt. The best thing is that it is simply sprayed on and forms an even protective film without brushstrokes. An additional aid or special technique is not necessary. So, wind and weather cannot harm DIY objects in outdoor areas. Indoors, protected DIY accessories and furniture also stay beautiful longer. We recommend spraying decorations designed with the KREUL Magic Marble afterwards with the KREUL Protection Spray. This protects the marbled work of art from mechanical abrasion, makes it shine dazzlingly beautiful or gives it a matt or satin matt look – depending on the version of the KREUL protection spray.


  • Universally usable finishing varnish
  • Satin
  • Transparent
  • Non-yellowing
  • Acrylic-based
  • Forms a water repellent film
  • Resistant indoors and outdoors
  • For many surfaces such as wood, cardboard, porcelain, glass, stone, metal, ceramics
  • To protect dried out paintings, watercolors, charcoal and pencil drawings, documents, photos
  • As finishing varnish for all grease-, rust- and dust-free surfaces


  • For wood, cardboard, porcelain, glass, stone, metal, ceramics

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