KREUL Porcelain Marker medium Junior Set of 5

Cool design for cups, plates and co. in 5 colours

Plain cups, plates and co. were yesterday! Today, you make them bright, bold and colourful. With the KREUL Porcelain Marker medium Junior set of 5 colours, smart kids use their imagination to design their own cups, plates and co. Monster porcelain painting fun with which children from 6 years can get started straightaway – no shaking or pumping needed. The paint formulation in the porcelain markers is vegan and has been dermatologically tested. The plastic used in the marker consists of 60 % PCR material and set packaging has been made of up to 94 % recycled materials. Only a set made in Germany is so well thought-out.


  • Brilliant porcelain markers
  • Water-based, non-fade colour
  • Paint formulation has been dermatologically tested and is vegan
  • No shaking or pumping of the marker needed
  • How to do it: Do not draw on areas in contact with food or drink. As long as the paint has not been fired on, you can use water to remove it. Leave to dry for 4 hours, place the cup in a cold domestic oven and fix the colours at 160 °C for 90 min. Let the cup cool and the colours harden in the oven. The design is then dishwasher-safe.
  • The plastic used in the markers consist of 60 % recycled plastic
  • The cardboard packaging of the set consists of 94 % recycled material
  • We manufacture the paint in a fair and safe process in Germany


5 porcelain pens in Yellow, Cherry Red, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Black


  • For drawing on porcelain, ceramic, glass

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