KREUL Window Color Set Powerpack Castle

Knightly window pictures!

The KREUL Window Color Powerpack is ideal for small and large creative minds who love magically vibrant window decorations. It’s a complete set for everyone to get started immediately, as it contains everything needed to make brilliantly colorful window decorations: plenty of window colors, special film, and design stencils. Self-made pictures can be affixed to any smooth surfaces in the house such as glass panes, mirrors, sheeting, or tiles. And, best of all, the stickers can be removed easily without a trace, ready to be re-used elsewhere.


  • Bright window paints for decorating smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors, tiles and foil
  • In a practical transparent bucket that is ideal for storing paints and tools
  • Water-based
  • Colors are intermixable
  • Beautiful marbled effects can be created by drawing paints into each other with a small wooden stick (e.g. toothpick) before they dry.
  • Heres how: Paint design onto special sheet. Leave to dry for around 2 hours. Then color the motif and leave to dry for around 24 hours. Remove the motif from the film and stick onto the window
  • When a motif has been used several times, adhesion can be improved by moistening it slightly.


6 x 125 ml Window Color each (White, Yellow, Dark Red, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dark Brown), 1 Contour Paint Black 125 ml, 1 Special Film 35 x 20 cm, More than 70 Design Templates


  • Suitable for smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors, tiles and foil

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