SOLO GOYA Mask Liner

Acrylic art in a new dimension.

With the SOLO GOYA Mask Liner for watercolours, artists protect details before applying paint on large areas or to create unpainted parts of the picture. The masking medium from KREUL is applied either with a pen or with a brush, so that no paint can reach the painting surface and colour fields do not run into each other. After drying, the painting medium is simply peeled off or rubbed away. The free picture areas can now be coloured or fascinate with their unpainted surface.


  • Mask Painting enables newcreative applications painting on canvas, carton or watercolor pads
  • The SOLO GOYA Mask Liner in the practical pen will be used for fine lines and can be applied directly from the pen


  • For applications on canvas, carton or watercolor pads

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