SOLO GOYA Acrylic Medium 20 ml tubes Set of 8

Structured design made easy.

Ridges, grooves, scratched lines: with the SOLO GOYA Acrylic Medium 20-ml tubes Set of 8, you can create unique structures on canvas. The various medium types in the set open up fantastic possibilities to easily create three-dimensional artwork. Whether antique effect, shimmering metallic, sandy surfaces, glossy or matt relief elements: with this set, you can try out structure pastes and gels. An ideal set for structured DIY art in minimalist style.


  • Special effects on stretcher frames with structure pastes and gels
  • For plastic, pastose surface design with structures
  • Ideal for creating designs with an artist’s palette knife and structured application with a paintbrush
  • Water-based
  • The structure pastes and gels can be mixed with acrylic paint or, once dried, they can be painted over with oil or acrylic paint (except for Brilliant Gold, Granite Silver, Antique Effect)
  • Universal: dries white, matt and opaque
  • Fine Sand: dries white, matt and opaque; with fine-grained, sand-like surface structure
  • Brilliant Gold: dries glossy and opaque; with metallic effect
  • Granite Silver: dries silk-matt and opaque; with granite effect
  • Antique effect: dries white, matt and opaque. Here’s how: Apply paste in 1 – 4-mm-thick layer, smooth surface with a spatula, 10 min. after application, use a dryer (with around 1 800 W) to dry the paste from a distance of around 10 cm until no more cracks form. Then allow to dry thoroughly.
  • Structure Gel Gloss: dries transparent and glossy
  • Structure Gel Crystal Pearls: dries transparent and glossy; with glass pearls for a crystalline, reflecting surface structure


8 tubes à 20 ml, 2 x Structure Paste Universal, 1 x Structure Paste Fine-Sand, 1 x Structure Paste Antique-Effect, 1 x Structure Paste Granite-Silver, 1 x Structure Paste Brilliant-Gold, 1 x Structure Gel Gloss, 1 x Structure Gel Crystal-Pearls


  • For a wide range of painting surfaces, e.g. canvas, paper, card, wood, stone, metal, leather and numerous plastics

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